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At Bandy Insurance, we do our best to provide you with reliable quotes for condo insurance in Indiana. We have a team of professional and experienced agents that are ready to walk you through the process. They are respectful, professional, and attentive. Our agents will listen to you, understand your needs, and offer you the most reliable quotes for your situation. We offer you condo insurance based on the cost of your personal property and your condo. Our condo insurance coverage will protect the interior walls of your condo, your personal property, and your appliances. The following are some of our condo insurance coverage options.

Liability Insurance

Our liability insurance coverage option protects you from financial losses in case of liability claims. Our personal liability coverage protects you from financial obligations when someone gets injured in your condo unit under circumstances that are considered your fault. Our personal property coverage option protects you from financial obligations if people damage their property in your condo unit. The policy compensates you for the cost of repairing or replacing property and your medical fees. It also compensates you for legal costs.

Personal Property Coverage

Our personal property coverage option covers your property including electronics, furniture, and clothing. If your property is lost or destroyed, the policy compensates you for the cost of replacing or repairing them. You may get compensation for the actual cash value or replacement cost. The actual cash value offers you compensation for the buying price of your property minus the depreciated value. The replacement cost coverage does not consider the depreciation value.

Loss Assessment Coverage

If your condo association provides a special assessment, our loss assessment coverage may help to pay for your share. If, for example, you and other members of your condo have shared responsibility for a piece of property, the policy helps to pay for your share in case of risk.

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