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Motorcycle Insurance for Indiana Residents

Indiana motorists need auto insurance to drive and protect their property against the risk of other drivers. Motorcycles should also be insured. In fact, driving them can be a substantial risk, and a motorcycle insurance policy from Brandy Insurance can ensure that your motorcycle is protected.

Get protection for medical bills, liability and the bike itself from Brandy Insurance in Indiana. If you have specific questions about policies for motorcycle insurance, you should call an agent to discuss the details of a policy, deductibles, rates, and so forth. Brandy Insurance has agents that can help you make the right choice for your motorcycle policy.

Why Motorcycle Insurance is Important in Indiana

Getting insurance for your motorcycle is important. According to figures from the state of Indiana in 2016, There were 223,733 collisions in Indiana in 2016. And of those, 3,216 (1.4 percent) involved motorcycles. And of that, 101 were fatal, representing 13.8 percent of all fatal collisions in the state.

Furthermore, on average, two percent of collisions in Indiana counties involved a motorcycle. According to the data presented, the highest percentages of collisions involving motorcycles occurred in the southern Indiana counties of Brown and Martin. You can see why getting motorcycle insurance is a wise investment then.

How to Get Motorcycle Insurance Policies that Make Sense

If you are looking for the best type of coverage for your own situation, then you should talk with an agent at Brandy Insurance to get your motorcycle insurance policy setup. With an agent, you can determine precisely how much coverage you need, what type of liability, what kind of deductible, and what rate best fits your budget for motorcycle insurance coverage. Several factors are considered when getting a motorcycle policy, but each policyholder and plan is different, which is why you should immediately speak with an agent.

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